Jan Bassett's Radio Control Models - Updates
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22 Aug 23 Changed email address
4 Nov 21 Traded in the Hyundai Kona Electric and Peugeot 308SW GT (#2) for a Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid.  Also added the Sun Living S60SP motorhome
9 Oct 20 Added Sonic Liner to the site
13 Jul 20 Added 2 photos of the Wasp electric conversion
13 Jun 20 Added the UMX Timber and added some chine photos for the Aqua Star
10 Oct 19 Moved to a new host
17 Nov 17 More photographs and details added on the Flair Cub power train installation
25 Sep 17 Gearbox information added to Fokker D7 page
14 Sep 14 EPP Eagle modified so it has a battery hatch
31 Aug 14 Heatsink calculator converted to JavaScript
23 Aug 14 Icon A5 gains a moving water rudder
1 Jun 14 Unfortunately The EXP-1R crashed on a landing and has been scrapped.
1 Jun 14 My EXP-1R has been converted to brushless and 2.4GHz
17 May 14 Restructured the Electric models image folder for ease of maintenance and checked all links
16 May 14 Added photos from Alan Butterworth to Macchi M33 and Flair Cub pages
20 Apr 14 Add my newly completed d.H. 110 Sea Vixen and the 'Record' indoor model.  Also updated the Twin-Jet having completed the repairs.
16 Mar 14 The Twin-Jet hit the ground hard causing a lot of damage but it will fly again
14 Jan 14 Completed the Phazer KX EDF model
12 Jan 14 Scrapped the 3D profile P-51 Mustang
11 Jan 14 Test flew the Twin-Jet
3 Jan 14 Added the Twin-Jet back to active models having bought it back and re-fitted it.
9 Dec 13 Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter added
7 Dec 13 Deuces Wild updated with new motor details
23 Aug 13 Durafly Auto-G autogyro ready to fly again
11 Aug 13 Durafly Auto-G autogyro test flown and slightly broken
8 Aug 13 Durafly Auto-G autogyro gets an auto-start system
7 Jul 13 Deuces Wild suffered a motor failure; landed dead-stick with no problems.
5 Jul 13 Macchi M33 50 seaplane and Dragonfly seaplane test flown
3 Jul 13 Deuces Wild retracts changed to electrically operated
2 Jul 13 Macchi M33 50 seaplane and Dragonfly seaplane static power tests completed
23 Jun 13 Deuces Wild retracts being changed to electrically operated.  Macchi M33 50 seaplane and Dragonfly seaplane completed and ready to fly
16 Jun 13 Construction continues on the Kyosho Macchi M33 50 seaplane
13 Jun 13 Started construction of the Kyosho Macchi M33 50 seaplane
11 Jun 13 Wilga 2000 static test data entered
10 Jun 13 Wilga 2000 assembled and test flown.  Icon A5 flipped whilst taxiing back.
9 Jun 13 Flown the Flair Piper Cub with Emeter2 Remote Data Unit to capture wattage.  Squall HP test flown.
3 Jun 13 Hover power measured for Scorpion and Blade 450X
31 May 13 Scorpion Multi-Rotor added
28 May 13 Added the UMX Gee Bee R2
27 May 13 Motor test run completed on the EPP Eagle
22 May 13 'Little Butch' Monocoupe repaired following it's crash
19 May 13 Maiden flight of the 'Little Butch' Monocoupe completed
18 May 13 Maiden flights of the Ju-87G Stuka and Deuces Wild completed
16 May 13 Flair Piper Cub flown on floats at Longham Reservoir.
12 May 13 Icon A5 completed it's maiden land (wheeled) flight
31 Mar 13 Modification to fit floats to the Flair Piper Cub complete
2 Mar 13 Icon A5 completed it's maiden water flight
1 Mar 13 Updated by personal information, adding membership of the Christchurch & District Model Flying Club (C&DMFC) and Longham Reservoir Model Flying Group (LRMFG)
26 Feb 13 Added CRM250 motorcycle
4 Feb 13 Hobby King HK-250GT to be scrapped following a blade strike
30 Jan 13 Radical recycled.  General tidy up completed.
28 Jan 13 Added a metric values calculator to the WCL page
20 Jan 13 Updated flights & times. Added pages for Mini Vapor added and  'Little Butch' Monocoupe completed.  Probable rebuild of 1/9th scale Mosquito TR33 information added
10 Jan 13 Added the Focke Wulf FW-190 (1200mm) page
6 Jan 13 Updated the information article link on the Wing Cube Loading (WCL) page and checked (& amended) all links
5 Jan 13 Added more photos to 3D Hydroplane and some aerial photographs taken by the Flair Piper Cub
4 Jan 13 Changed equipment fitted to the Little Tiny 'Little Butch' Monocoupe and F4U Corsair added

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