P-51 Mustang by Great Planes

12 Jan 14 - Scrapped.

Profile P-51 Profile P-51

N of launches / Time 1

0 hours 8 mins

Wingspan 33.5" 85 cm
Wing Area 302 in 19.5 dm
Flying Weight 1 lb. oz. 473g
Wing Loading 7.96 oz/ft 24.3 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 5.5 - A light 'Trainer'
Motor HM29-OL KV1050
Propeller TGS Sport 10" x 5" E
Batteries Kokam 3S1P 15C 1250mAh
Speed Controller Tornado PM30A NV2 - 3S LiPo  - 30A - BEC
Receiver Webra Nano S6 - 6ch - PPM - 35 MHz
Servos Ailerons - Hitec HS-55
Elevator - Hitec HS-55
Rudder - Hitec HS-55
Static motor parameters  3S Kokam 3S1P 15C 1250mAh pack gave 15.6A @ 10.2V (159W) and 7620 rpm.  This equates to an input power of ~150W/lb.
Flight performance The flying is a little strange, possibly due to the flat sided fuselage with any side-slip.  The vertical performance is excellent and almost any manoeuvre is possible due to the large control movements.   I never tried 3D.

12 Jan 14 - This model has been sat in my garage for ages unflown and suffered a fair bit of hangar rash due to the extremely fragile construction.  I'm trying to clear some space for other, more desirable, models and didn't consider this model suitable to sell;  I have therefore scrapped it.  The only thing I can really say is that it wasn't a "Great Plane."

14 Jun 09 - Another wonderful sunny day with little wind; ideal for testing new models.

13 Jun 09 - I bought this a while ago at a BEFA Technical Workshop.  I intended to use a variable pitch propeller and had it almost ready to fly.  However, during the motor test the propeller self-destructed damaging the nose of the plane.  I put it to one side as I haf other things to do and only just got around to completing it; I also had to shorten the nose to get the stated CofG position.

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