Auto-G by Durafly

23 Aug 13 - Repaired and ready to fly again; corrected some information errors.

Durafly Auto-G - 3/4 view Durafly Auto-G - side view Durafly Auto-G - front view Durafly Auto-G - 3/4 view with auto-start fitted Durafly Auto-G - 3/4 view with auto-start running

N of launches / Time 1

0 hours 4 mins

  As supplied (no Auto-Start) With Auto-Start
Rotor Diameter 32.3 in. 821 mm
Weight 20.4 oz 579 g 23.7 oz. 672 g
Motor Pre-installed brushless 800Kv
Propeller Supplied 10" x 8" 3-blade
Speed Controller Pre-installed 35A BEC (pre-installed)
Auto-start N/A Brushed motor with controller (ratings unknown)
Battery Pack 3S1P 1300mAh LiPo
Receiver OrangeRx R610 - 6Ch - 2.4Ghz (Spektrum DSM2 compatible) - Internal and remote receivers
Servos Rotor (roll): 2 x Pre-installed 9g
Elevator: Pre-installed 9g
Rudder: Pre-installed 9g
Static Performance Not yet tested
Flight performance Never flown in this configuration The take-off roll is very short and the climb is quite fast.  The nose tends to drop in moderate to steeply banked turns; elevator and/or rudder helps to limit this.  No aerobatics have been tried yet as it's an unorthodox model and I'm still getting used to the handling.  Landing approaches are precise and can be slow to a near vertical touchdown.

23 Aug 13 - The replacement blade grips arrived yesterday and one set is fitted; the Auto-G is ready to fly again.

11 Aug 13 - The forecast today was for fairly light winds so I thought it was time to test fly the Auto-G.  The rotor was spread (unfolded), the battery fitted, control checks carried out and it was placed on the line.  The auto-start was switched on and the rotor given time to spin up to speed - doesn't take long.  The throttle was advance and she started to move forwards - in  only a couple of yards (metres) she lifted off and was climbing quite quickly.  A few moments after a positive climb rate is established and I turned off the auto-start; there is a one-way clutch arrangement and it will have disengaged by this point anyway.  A small amount of re-trimming and she's flying in a very stable manner.  The handling is a little unusual but it is nice to fly.  If you bank to a moderate or steep position the nose drops, but this can be limited with elevator and/or rudder.  A practice approach was made down to about 2' (60cm) from the deck, which was predictable and fairly easy.  A few more circuits and an approach is made, to a landing barely above walking pace; with practice vertical landings can be achieved.  I then tried to taxi back to the pilots' box and it all went wrong; the wind got under the rotor and toppled the model over.  The rotor impacting the ground caused the centre blade holder to break and slightly creased the trailing edge of 2 blades.  The blades have been inspected and show now loss of strength; the rear section appears to be Depron and non-structural.  The blade holder is a write-off but fortunately 2 complete Blade Grips sets was only just over 5 ($8) from the HobbyKing European store; should be here is a few days.  I also ordered a spare set of main rotor blades and a replacement propeller just in case.

7 Aug 13 - The Complete Auto-Start System arrived today and was fitted in short order.  I made a slight change, removing the balance connector that was supplied to power the rotor ESC; connecting it to the other ESC power leads.  I tested the auto-start in the back garden and it achieves a reasonable rotor RPM.  The Auto-G is again ready to fly.

25 Jul 12 - For a combination of reasons I'd never flown this model; mostly the weather or brain not right.  Today HobbyKing added a Complete Auto-Start System for this model, which really got me interested in the model again.

21 Dec 12 - I like the unusual and gyrocopters have always interested me.  I bought this from HobbyKing as it is an attractive model and the price was pretty good too.

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