Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter

  9 Dec 13 - New model added.

Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter - canopy off

N of launches / Time Not recorded

0 hours 13 mins

Propellers 2 CW & 2 CCW* 1.2" diameter 30 mm diameter
Length (incl./excl. rotors) 2.55 in / 1.77 in 65 mm / 45 mm
Width (incl./excl. rotors) 2.55 in / 1.77 in 65 mm / 45 mm
Height 0.9 in 23 mm
Weight 0.39 oz 11.18 g
Motor 4x Preinstalled 6mm brushed
Speed Controllers Built-in to control board
Battery Pack Preinstalled 1S1P 100mAh LiPo
Receiver Built-in to control board - 2.4 GHz
Control Board Preinstalled bespoke
Flight performance This tiny quadcopter flies extremely well and is very responsive.  Orientation is pretty simple as there are 2 blue LEDs at the front and 2 red LEDs at the rear.  I haven't tried any flips yet as I need more room to risk it

9 Dec 13 - This tiny quadcopter is really good value for money as it comes complete for under 30 (not including the  2 AAA cells needed).  The supplied TX is without any doubt the smallest TX I have ever seen and could be awkward to use.  However, there is good news in that the Q4 works with the TX supplied with the Hubsan X4, which is considerably larger and easier to hold.  Any nice feature is that the battery is plugged in to the board using the same connector as the E-Flite micro helicopters; replacing the battery would therefore be simple and it could be made exchangeable with little effort.

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*CW = Clockwise rotation, CCW = Counter-Clockwise rotation