Blade 450 X by E-Flite

3 Jun 13 - Flight performance updated.

Blade 450 X - 3/4 view Blade 450 X - side view Blade 450 X - Front View

N of launches / Time 3

0 hours 15 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 28.4 in. 720 mm
Tail 6.1 in. 155 mm
Weight 25.7 oz 730 g
Motor E-Flite 440H 4200Kv brushless
Gear ratios Main Rotor 140T, Motor 10T = 14 : 1
  Tail Rotor 90T (bolted to 140T), Layshaft 18T = 1 : 5 to main rotor
Speed Controller E-Flite 35A S-BEC (pre-installed)
Battery Pack 3S1P 2200mAh LiPo (1 supplied)
Receiver Spektrum AR7200BX - Flybarless Control System RX (pre-installed)
Servos CCPM: Spektrum 3 x DS76 (pre-installed)
Tail: Spektrum DS76T (pre-installed)
Gyro BeastX 3-axis MEMS gyro integrated in Spektrum AR7200BX
Flight performance I measured the hover current at an indoor flying meeting using a Hyperion eMeter v2 and Remote Data Unit.  The average current was 15.75A @ 10.96V (172W) when using a Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S1P 2200mAh LiPo pack.

The Blade 450X is extremely responsive but also pretty stable too thanks to the Spektrum Flybarless Control System.  As my proficiency improves I should not be limited by the abilities of this helicopter.

3 Jun 13 - I continue to fly this models indoors on an occasional basis.  It is a great helicopter and capable of things I'll probably never master.

18 Aug 12 - New model bought; decided I'd get another helicopter whilst waiting for the replacement Zoom 400 main shaft

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