Zoom 400 by Protech

18 Aug 12 - Bent main shaft & feathering spindle.

Protech Zoom 400 Protech Zoom 400 Protech Zoom 400

N of launches / Time 8

47 mins

Rotor Diameter 25.0 in. 63.6 cm
Weight 1 lb. 2 oz
1 lb. 3 oz. with training gear
520 g
540 g with training gear
Motor Park 400 Brushless Motor 4200KV
Speed Controller Hyperion Titan 20 V3 - 20A - 2 to 3LiPo - BEC & Brake
Battery Pack FlightPower 3s1p Lithium Polymer 1600mAh
Receiver Align RC-RX6 - 6ch - PPM - 35 MHz
Servos Collective - Graupner C261
Pitch - Graupner C261
Roll - Graupner C261
Tail rotor - Graupner C261
Gyro GWS PG-03 Piezo Micro Gyro
Flight performance First flight completed by the owner of Hobby Hangar.  A few little tweaks to do to get more response, but it flew well.  There was plenty of power in reserve.

18 Aug 12 - I haven't been flying this much of late, as I've had an ESC issue, solved by the fitting of an alternate ESC.  I then promptly went and had a main blade strike against the ground and bent the main shaft and feathering spindle.  Unfortunately this helicopter model is quite old now and spares are pretty scarce.  I managed to obtain the feathering spindle from the local model shop but no luck with the main shaft.  In the end I found a couple in the USA and have bought them; just waiting for them to arrive so I can get the Zoom running again.

22 Jan 06 - I started today with 2 short flights to reset the tracking and trim as it was a little out.  I then flattened the battery pack and completed a total of 14 minutes and 45 seconds flying over the 3 flights.  My skill is certainly improving and I only had to drop the Zoom to the ground once as it was getting near a wall today.

4 Jan 06 - I had my first flight with the Zoom today, 10 minutes hovering in the back garden checking it out.  I had to drop the Zoom to the ground a few times today as it was approaching a wall or the fence.  My back garden seems pretty small (5m x 5m) when flying a helicopter, but I couldn't fly fixed wing there at all.

24 Dec 05 - As I mentioned I took up the offer of the owner of Hobby Hangar to complete the first flights.  He said it was a little sluggish, but handled really well, suggesting a few changes to improve the handling.  The main change was to bend the flybar control arms in towards the main shaft to increase the movement.  The ESC cut a couple of times, probably due to the power cut-off, so I've changed the settings to try and prevent that.  I also removed the aerial coil (as described in the instructions) and inserted a plastic guide through the left skid to protect the aerial. I also bought a training undercarriage as I'm a novice and fitted it as shown above.  I am now ready to start flying it myself.

18 Dec 05 - I have just completed assembling this model, with the upgraded brushless motor, brushless controller and Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery pack.  I was also recommended to replace the supplied tail rotor snake with a carbon push rod, which I have done.  I applied power earlier to check the tracking and briefly lifted the skids off the ground.  There was plenty of power in reserve.  As I am a novice with model helicopters, I will be getting the local model shop owner to complete the first flights of the Zoom 400.

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