20 Apr 14 - New own design completed

Record - 3/4 view Record - side view Record - front view

N of launches / Time 0 0h 0m
Wingspan 13" 330 mm
Wing Area 133 in 8.6 dm
Flying Weight 1.24 oz 35.1g
Wing Loading 1.34 oz / ft 4.1 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 1.4 - Glider (ultra-light at that)
Motor E-Flite motor from UMX Extra 300
Propeller E-Flite propeller from UMX Extra 300
Batteries 1S1P Li-Po 160mAh
Speed Controller Built-in to Spektrum AR6400L
Receiver Spektrum AR6400L - 5ch - 2.4GHz - 1S LiPo only
Servos Elevons - 2 x linear built-in to Spektrum AR6400L
Static Performance Not testable as yet
Flight Performance Flies nicely, plenty of power and elevator authority but lacking in roll.

20 Apr 14 - The April 2014 edition of RC Model Flyer included a free plan for a powered version of an indoor model of the 'Dehn Ring Thing', which was a experimental glider in the early 80's.  Whilst interesting I decided it was a little too large for our indoor hall; I also wanted to re-use the equipment from a wrecked E-Flite UMX Extra 300 I picked up cheap.  Whilst working out the reduced size version I decided I'd just make a simple circular model, which was to use black Depron and look like a record.  In the end I made it a little larger than an LP but not so much it really shows.  Due to the tapering elevons the roll performance isn't great; it flies really well and is very controllable but rolls aren't possible.  I think a re-design of the control surfaces to increase the width is in order.

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