'Little Butch' Monocoupe by Durafly

22 May 16 - Not overly impressed with the quality so retired.

Monocoupe 'Little Butch' by Durafly - 3/4 view Monocoupe 'Little Butch' by Durafly - Side view Monocoupe 'Little Butch' by Durafly - Front view

N� of launches / Time 1 0 hrs 4 mins
Wingspan 43.3 in. 1100 mm
Wing Area 290 sq. in. 18.2 dm�
Flying Weight 1 lb 15.9 oz. 904 g
Wing Loading 15.8 oz / sq. ft 49.3 g/dm�
Wing Cube Loading 11.2 - Between 'Aerobatic' and 'Scale'
Motors Pre-installed 3536 brushless motor, 900 Kv
Propellers Supplied TBC with scale appearance
Speed Controller Pre-installed 30A Brushless - BEC
Motor Batteries 3S Turnigy Nano-Tech LiPo 2200 cells
Receiver OrangeRx R610 Spektrum DSM2 6Ch 2.4Ghz with 1 OrangeRx R100 Satellite Receiver (Spektrum DSM2 compatible)
Servos Ailerons 2 x Pre-installed 9g
Elevator Pre-installed 9g
Rudder/Tailwheel Pre-installed 9g
Static motor parameters Not yet tested
Flight performance Not yet flown

22 May 13 - Model repaired and ready to fly again.

19 May 13 - I managed to get the maiden flight completed today, but it wasn't without incident.  I took the model up and flew a couple of circuits followed by a loop, a roll and a stall turn which were all completed OK; she flies very nicely.  I then checked the power off stall handling, which was very docile with no hint of a wing.  I gained a fair bit of height and decided to but her into a spin; the entry was fine but she was reluctant to come out of the spin; it wasn't until quite low that I cut power and she started to respond.  She disappeared behind a hedge and the worst was presumed; the damage appeared to be confined to a bit of wing tip snapped off, a crack in the foam cowl, a loose motor mount and a broken propeller.  On returning home I found that one of the motor screws had come undone, which allowed the motor to swing to the side and give extreme side thrust; maybe that's why she wouldn't exit the spin under power.  All the damage was quickly repaired and the model ready to go again; with some thread lock on the motor mount screws.

4 Jan 13 - I think this is a beautiful aircraft and I had to have one.  The only changes I made whilst assembling the model were to fit a plate to hold the aileron 'Y' lead sockets at the wing seat and to fit a pilot.

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