Dragonfly from Joysway

  5 Ju1 13 - Test flight completed and more photos added.

Dragonfly - 3/4 view Dragonfly - side view Dragonfly - front view Dragonfly - water take-off run Dragonfly - water take-off Dragonfly - fly past

N of launches / Time Water 2 0 hrs 10 mins
Land 0 0 hrs 0 mins
Wingspan 27.6 in. 700 mm
Wing Area 357 in 23.0 dm
Flying Weight 1 lb 4.3 oz 576 g
Wing Loading 8.2 oz/ft 25.0 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 5.2 - between 'Glider' & 'Trainer'
Motors Pre-installed brushless outrunner
Propellers Supplied 2-blade 6" x 4"
Speed Controller Pre-installed Brushless - BEC
Motor Batteries 3S Flightmax 1300mAh LiPo
Receiver OrangeRx R710 - 7ch - 2.4GHz (Spektrum DSM2 Compatible) - Internal & remote receivers
Servos Ailerons 2 x Pre-installed Mixed as elevons in reality)
Elevator Pre-installed
Rudder Pre-installed
Static motor parameters

On a 3S Zippy 1300mAh pack the motor did 16900 RPM on 10.06V, drawing 15.6A  = 157W or 123 W/lb

Flight performance Average power 78W for a 5 minute flight.  Pretty fast on full power, loops easily from level flight and rolls very fast.  With the elevons mixed in the maximum pitch would be absurd; loops are tiny at less than 1/2 stick travel.

5 Jul 13 - I managed to get a coupe of flights in today from Longham Reservoir; flew really nicely, pretty fast on full power and rolls very fast.  I carried the Emeter2 on one of the flights and it recorded an average current of 78W for the 5 minute flight, with a discharge of only 310 mAh.  Looks like 10 minute flight shouldn't be a problem and still leave plenty of power for taxiing.  I've also just got some Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300 mAh 3S packs which should give extra power.

2 Jul 13 - The static motor run was completed this evening; with plenty of power and thrust this model should be interesting.

22 Jun 13 - A friend got one of these for flying off water and I was impressed by the performance so bought one.  It is almost complete, basically requiring only the outer wings and tailplane to be fitted and the elevator linkage to be installed.  I've actually mixed the ailerons to the elevator (at 50%) to give some additional elevator authority due to the short-coupling of the tail to the main plane.

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