d.H. 110 Sea Vixen by Durafly

20 Apr 14 - New model ready to fly.

dH 110 Sea Vixen from Durafly - 3/4 view dH 110 Sea Vixen from Durafly - side view dH 110 Sea Vixen from Durafly - front view

No of launches / Time 0 0 hours 0 mins
Wingspan 39.4 " 1000 mm
Wing Area 426 inē 25.7 dmē
Flying Weight 3 lb / 4.7 oz 1494 g
Wing Loading 17.8 oz / ftē 54.3 g/dmē
Wing Cube Loading

10.4 - between Aerobatic and Scale (great for an EDF model)

Motor 2836 Brushless Outrunner 2950kv (supplied)
Ducted Fan Unit 70mm 5 blade (supplied)
Batteries Turnigy Nano-Tech 4S LiPo 3300mAh 35C-70C
Speed Controller 45A brushless - 4S LiPo - Opto (supplied)
Receiver OrangeRx R800X - 8ch - 2.4Ghz (Spektrum DSMX Compatible) - Internal and twin remote receiver
Servos Ailerons - 2 x 9g (supplied)
Elevator - 9g (supplied)
Nosewheel steering - 9g (supplied)
Retracts - Tricycle servoless
Static motor parameters  4S 3300mAh LiPo gives unknown RPM @ 13.58V drawing 37.6A, input power 510W = 154W/lb.
Flight performance Not yet flown

20 Apr 14 - I've always liked de Havilland designs and especially the early jets.  This Sea Vixen had been in my loft for over a year whilst I organised a flying site with hard surfaces; small scale wheels and grass generally not being a good combination.  Having joined the Royal Navy Model Aircraft Association I now have a superb site with large runways to fly from; time to build the EDFs in my loft (there are a few).

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