Phazer KX by HobbyKing

14 Jan 14 - New model ready to fly.

Phazer KX by HobbyKing - 3/4 view Phazer KX by HobbyKing - side view Phazer KX by HobbyKing - front view

No of launches / Time 0 0 hours 0 mins
Wingspan 33.4 " 850 mm
Wing Area 363 inē 23.4 dmē
Flying Weight 22.9 oz. 649 g
Wing Loading 9.1 oz / ftē 27.7 g/dmē
Wing Cube Loading

5.7 - between Glider and Trainer (awesome for an EDF model)

Motor Brushless Outrunner 4800kv (supplied)
Ducted Fan Unit 64mm 5 blade (supplied)
Batteries Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S LiPo 2200mAh 40C
Speed Controller 60A brushless - 3S LiPo - BEC (supplied)
Receiver OrangeRx R710 - 7ch - 2.4GHz (Spektrum DSM2 Compatible) - Internal and remote receiver
Servos Elevons - 2x 9g (supplied)
Static motor parameters  Not yet tested
Flight performance Not yet flown

14 Jan 14 - Whilst waiting for some hatch hinges to arrive I decided to assemble the Phazer KX.  As I have no intention of fitting the fixed gear I removed the servo provided for the nose wheel steering; no point carrying dead weight.  I also left some of the decals off as they were unnecessary.  I have so far only tested the fan for function but it was obvious that the thrust to weight ratio is about 1:1 so it shouldn't be challenging to launch.

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