3D Hydro Plane by Piranha

Scrapped due to excessive flexibility.

N� of launches / Time 2 0 hr 9 mins    
Wingspan 16.1 " 41 cm    
Wing Area 288 in2 18.57 dm2    
Flying Weight 11.5 oz. 325 g    
Wing Loading 5.7 oz/ft2 17.5 g/dm2    
Wing Cube Loading 4.1 - Glider approx.  
Motor Hyperion Z2209-32
Propeller GWS 8" x 4.3" Direct Drive
Batteries 3S Kokam 910HD, 910 mAh, 20C, LiPo
Speed Controller Castle Creations Phoenix 10 - 10A - 5 to 16 cells - BEC & Brake - Programmable cut-off voltage
Receiver / Battery Hyperion HP-DSP*4-TSR - 4 ch - PPM - 35/36MHz
Servos Elevons - 2 x E_Sky E5070A (7.5g)
Rudder - E_Sky E5070A (7.5g)
Static motor parameters  6.1A @ 10.3V giving 9510 rpm @ 63W, approximately 88W/lb. Thrust estimated as 460g, by Rod Badcock's Propeller Power, Thrust and Efficiency Calculator, which should give great performance.
Flight performance A little lacking in grunt, but flew well.

3 Sep 07 - Changed the propeller to a Ramoser VarioPROP 3-blade hub fitted with 7" x 4.5" folder blades with a little additional pitch.  In flight the model was obviously more powerful and a good improvement but only got a short range before I lost radio control of the model.  Fortunately it landed flat and no damage was incurred.  Completed a range check and only got about 5m before problems occurred.  I'm going to have to check the RC system.

24 Jun 06 - Flew for the 1st time today and was a little underpowered.  I'm going to play around with propeller options to improve things.

5 Jan 06 - It is a boat or is it a plane, well it's both - you can operate on water or land, it really doesn't matter.  The model has just been finished and awaits test flying.

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