HK-250GT by Hobby King

4 Feb 13 - Scrapped.

HK-250GT - 3/4 view HK-250GT - Side view Kit contents HK-250GT - Parts

N of launches / Time 6

0 hours 37 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 17.7 in. 450 mm
Tail 4.25 in. 108 mm
Weight 13.2 oz 374 g
Motor Turnigy 2627 Brushless Outrunner 3800kv
Main gearbox Motor to main rotor is 8:1
Tail gearbox Geared 1:4.3 to the main rotor
Speed Controller HiModel HM-18A-S1.1 - 18A - 2 to 4 LiPo - BEC, Brake & Melody unit
Battery Pack 3s 20C 800mAh LiPo
Receiver Spektrum AR6200 - 6ch - 2.4GHz - Internal and remote receiver
Servos CCPM 3 x Turnigy TG9e = 9g / / 0.10s
  Tail HGD digital 202 Carbon Gear BB = 9.1g / / 0.11s
Gyro Turnigy TR302-AD Piezo Head Lock & Standard Gyro
Flight performance Very responsive but the tail is twitchy at present, need to adjust the gyro settings.

4 Feb 13 - Tonight the HK 250-GT had a blade strike and suffered quite a lot of damage.  It was always twitchy and didn't get flown much; as I've got a number of other helicopters I'm not going to repair it.

14 Feb 10 - After the swashplate of the Piccolo destroyed itself I decided I wanted another mini helicopter to fit a Huey body shell I have on it.  I looked around and this looked excellent and is a high performance factory-upgraded helicopter kit.  It has a carbon fibre frame, hard Aluminium alloy head & tail plus numerous other upgrade components.

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