Piccolo by Ikarus Modellbau

14 Feb 10 - Reverted to FP.

N of launches / Time Not recorded 3 0 hrs 5 mins
  Fixed Pitch "Standard" Version Collective Pitch Version Fixed Pitch "Tuned" Version
Rotor Span 20.5" 0.52m 21.0" 0.53m 20.5" 0.52m
Body Length 19.0" 0.48m 19.0" 0.48m 19.0" 0.48m
Weight 0 lb. 8.1oz. 229g 0 lb. 9.1oz. 257g 0 lb. 8.0oz. 228g
Main Motor Ikarus Standard (Speed 280 type)

Ikarus Tuning Motor G310 (Speed 280 type)

Battery 7-cell NiCd 250mAh or NiMH 600mAh 8-cell NiCd 250mAh or NiMH 600mAh 3S 15C 800mAh LiPo
Tail Rotor Motor Geared N20 pre-installed
Receiver Piccoboard Plus - PPM - 6 channel - 35MHz, combined with 2 speed controllers (main & tail rotors) and the gyro.
Servos Collective - N/A Collective - JP Naro Collective - N/A
Pitch - JP Naro Pitch - JP Naro Pitch - JP Naro
Roll - JP Naro Roll - JP Naro Roll - JP Naro
Gyro Integral to Piccoboard
Flying performance Skitish and a little underpowered Skitish; not flown much Skitish but plenty of power

14 Feb 10 - I was flying a couple of days ago and the swashplate destroyed itself even though the model didn't have any heavy landings or impacts.  I decided I would reinstall the Fixed Pitch (FP) equipment removed earlier and fly it in that mode.  I decided that I'd leave the tuning motor in place as the additional power would be welcome

22 Jan 06 - Now that I have the Zoom 400 the next flight of the Piccolo is getting nearer, although I'm still going to get some more practice first.

30 May 02 - I decided that I would get a larger helicopter to learn on as the Piccolo is very skittish.

3 May 02 - I've completed fitting the Collective Pitch upgrade, and now just need to set up the tracking before flying. As can be seen from the photographs, the wooden blades were so closely balanced that a piece of very thin tape only 1cm square was required to correct the difference.

20 Apr 02 - Whilst at the Intermodellbau in Dortmund, Germany, I picked up a Bell UH-1D (Huey) body kit, a training stand and training undercarriage. I will be using the training stand to build my skill, and then progress to the training undercarriage. I'll include more information on the training stand when I've assembled and used it.

16 Feb 02 - I've had the Piccolo for a short while yet, but only made a few hops so far (not really flights). I have the collective pitch conversion kit, which will be fitted shortly. The English instructions I got with the collective pitch upgrade kit were abysmal and contained a number of potentially significant errors. I therefore re-translated them and include them here (in .pdf format).

English Collective Pitch Upgrade Instructions 

           If you found these instructions useful please 

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