Radical by Modelltechnik-Richter and Höllein

30 Jan 13 - Model recycled.

Radical indoor pylon racer

N° of launches / Time 2

0 hours 5 mins

Wingspan 29.8" 76 cm
Wing Area 241 □" 15.6 dm²
Flying Weight 4.75 oz. 135g
Wing Loading 2.84 oz. / □' 8.7 g/dm²
Wing Cube Loading 2.2 - A very light 'Glider'
Motor Hexatronic HXT 2204-14T
Propeller GWS DD 125 x 110 (4.9" x 4.3")
Batteries Loong Max  2S1P 20C 500mAh
Speed Controller OEM 6A - 2S (or 3S) LiPo  - 6A - BEC
Receiver Corona RP4S1 - 4ch - PPM - 35MHz Synthesised - 7g
Servos Ailerons - Hexatronic HXT500 5.0g
Elevator - Hexatronic HXT500 5.0g
Static motor parameters  Not yet tested
Flight performance Tested with the stated 2S pack and a 3S as an experiment.  The model isn't particularly fast but manoeuvres in a small space aren't too easy; indoor flight is challenging.

29 Jan 13 - Due to a combination of flying into walls and general hangar rash the model was suffering quite badly.  As it didn't cope too well in our small indoor hall I couldn't be bothered to repair it so have recycled the equipment for future use/sale.

14 Jun 09 - Another wonderful sunny day with light winds; good for testing new models although the Radical did get buffeted by the light turbulence (due to thermals, but it is an indoor model really).  After the flight testing I think I'll try a coarser pitch propeller, initially a Graupner CAM 5" x 5".

12 Jun 09 - I bought this ages ago a Dortmund (Apr 07 maybe) and started construction, but got sidetracked after building the wing.   I finally got around to constructing it.  The instructions were a single side of A4 (in German) and a poor diagram making the building challenging; if it weren't for the parts being CNC cut it would have been even worse.  I was surprised that the finished model was a long way out of balance, requiring me to add a sizeable foam block and 2nd motor plate to achieve the stated CofG; the stated position seemed reasonable.  Whilst not a big issue it did unnecessarily increase the weight.

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