Wasp by Glynn Guest
(free in Model Boat magazine December 1999)

new.gif (1957 bytes)  14 Jul 20 - Added two pictures of the electric conversion.

wasp-01-t.jpg (3370 bytes) wasp-02-t.jpg (2917 bytes) Wasp - Tunnel Catamaran Wasp - Electric conversion Wasp - Electric conversion

Number of launches / Time 6

52 mins

Overall Length 21 " 0.53 m
Beam 9 " 0.23 m
Weight 2 lb. 11 oz. 1.22 kg
Motor Trinity T-Tech 540 buggy motor - 17T Single
Gearbox 1.4:1 made from S.H.Muffett moulded spur gears. (catalogue on-line at http://www.muffett.co.uk, or e-mail & ask for a printed version)
Propeller Graupner øS40mm
Batteries 6 Sanyo RC-2000 cells
Speed Controller Gordon Tarling Micro-Star 40
Receiver Hitec Feather - PPM - 4 channel - 40 MHz
Receiver Battery 4 cell Sanyo 120 mAh
Servos Rudder - Hobby Stores SS-2000
Performance Graupner Speed 600 Race with 3:1 ratio (8 cells) - Handling is excellent and the ride is rock steady. The speed is a little low and development continues. Motor run time is approx. 18 minutes

Trinity T-Tech 540 buggy motor with 3:1 ratio (6 cells) - Handling is just as good, but speed slightly reduced. Motor run time is approx. 15 minutes

Trinity T-Tech 540 buggy motor with 1.4:1 ratio (6 cells) - Not yet tested.

15 Apr 00 - I have changed to drive ratio to 1.4:1 and have retained the previous motor and propeller.

2 Apr 00 - I have now completed the model and given it a few outings. I have decided to attempt to use this model to enter the SWAMBC G500 class. This requires that no more than 6 cells are used and they must be Sub-C size. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. It is rock steady and handles very well, but is not particularly quick I will be experimenting over the coming weeks to improve the speed.  The motor was changed to a Trinity T-Tech 540 buggy motor with the same gearbox to try and increase the speed.

13 Mar 00 - This boat was originally designed for a 1.5 to 2.5 cc marine i.c. motor. I decided to build it and converted it to electric power as i.c. motors are not permitted at my model boat club. I decided that a Graupner Speed 600 Race motor, coupled to a gearbox should produce good results. However, the arrangement has the flexibility to allow changing of the gear ratio if suitable gears are purchased. I have completed the building of the hull and I'm part way through painting.

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