Paula III by Robbe

new.gif (1957 bytes)  25 Oct 04 - Added 4 pictures of the cabin area & internals.

paula3-01-t.jpg (2678 bytes) Paula III at night Paula III - Stern Paula III - Kort Nozzle modification

The second shot is taken in the dark with all the boat lights switch on.
No. of launches / Time


5 hours 43 mins


Overall Length 28 " 0.71 m
Beam 8 " 0.22 m
Weight 5 lb. 8 oz 2.5 kg

Robbe EF76 II (supplied with kit)

Propeller 35mm - 3 bladed (supplied with kit)
Batteries 6 pack of 5000mAh D cells
Speed Controller RC-Line BS-30 - 6 to 12 cells, 100A continuous, bi-directional, BEC and optional water cooing
Receiver Futaba FP-R118F - PPM - 8 channel - 40 MHz
Servos Rudder - Hobby Stores SS-2000 (waterproofed)
Other features Rotating radar, working lights (navigation, flood & spot), operating crane, horn sounds.
Performance Original Design (Conventional Rudder) - Managed to check out the performance when tested part built. The model has a really good turn of speed. The rudder is not very effective at slow speed, but once planing tight turns can be made. The rudder is almost totally ineffective when going astern. The buoy release & capture system works well - it's just a pity that the buoy can't be laid back in it's chocks. The lights are very effective (especially the spot light). The horn is good, but I'm a little disappointed in the motor sound as it is drowned out by the motor very quickly - sounds good idling alongside.

Kort Nozzle - Steering in reverse is much better and it is now feasible to use steering competitions. Unfortunately the top speed of the boat has dropped quite a bit, but is probably more representative of scale speed anyway. As the top speed has dropped the motor is not unloading as much and is having to work harder. I think I'll swap back an forward between the original rudder (normal use) and the Kort nozzle (steering competition).

I wanted to make a scale model boat which I can add a number of miscellaneous functions to. I saw this kit in a model shop and decided that this would be great - I can add the crane / buoy functions, lights and sounds. I purchased the kit and buoy option there and then, and will obtain the other items needed before starting to make the boat. I have completed the construction of the buoys.

I want to build the Mosquito next so this project will have to wait for a slot. I am doing some work whilst waiting for bits to dry on the Mosquito. I have so far completed the base stand, and I'm well on the way with the basic hull. The hull is now bonded to the deck and the gap filled to ensure water integrity. Painting of the hull and deck is complete.

17 Jul 99 - I managed to test the part built model in the boating pond the other day (photograph above). As the rear hatch wasn't fitted it took on some water, which caused the rudder servo to malfunction. After drying the servo out, I rebuilt it using silicone sealant to prevent repetition.

12 Feb 00 - Crane winch information moved to a separate page to make this page more manageable.

1 Mar 00 - I decided to fit a Kort nozzle to improve the handling. I fitted a 40mm extension to the propeller shaft to bring the propeller over the rudder shaft. This was achieved using 2 x 20mm PCB M4 mounting pillars available from numerous electronic stockists. I then moulded a tube over a suitable bottle to give some clearance around the propeller and mounted in on a new rudder shaft. I did it this way so that I can revert back to the normal rudder if not successful. I have only had chance to test in the bath tub so far, but it seemed to steer really well forwards & astern. If the design works well I'll sketch it up for and add it to this page. I am considering adding a bow thruster to the boat to really improve slow speed handling.

5 Mar 00 - I have been experimenting with illuminating the buoys & I have now made both flash using 2 different methods. The first used an LM3909N LED flasher chip and the 2nd used an ICM7555IPA timer chip. I have included the information under the Plans & Designs page.

11 Mar 00 - I managed to test the boat down at the reservoir the other day. The handling is much better with the nozzle, but top speed is a fair bit lower. The modification was certainly worthwhile, but I will probably remove it for normal use.

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