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If you have any preference on designs or the format for drawings please me to let me know. If I can accommodate your preferences I will. Safe practices are of paramount importance if accidents are to be avoided. To assist in this I have created a Radio Control Model Aircraft Safety Checklist

Foam wing - with lightening holes Speed brakes for sailplane Steerable take off dolly
Simple Dolly for Alpha Jet Paula III - Kort Nozzle Foot Operated Bungee Release Design
Variable Pitch Aircraft Propeller PowerHow

Modifications to Models & Equipment

Pusher motor thrust bearing Speed 600 race - modifications Super Star 40 modifications
Tow Release Mechanism P-51 Mustang Tailwheel Doors

Design Aids & Calculators

Aerofoil calculator & printer CofG calculation form Wing cube loading
(WCL) calculator

Radio Control Related Electronic Projects

Automatic Battery Discharger Automatic Battery Discharger - Enhanced Battery Monitor
Buoys  - Illuminated - for Paula III RC Switch Servo Driver - Switched - Simple
Sound Generator - Piston Engine Sound Generator - Jet Engine / Guns Arming Plug for Electric Models

Radio Control Related Gadgets

HowHigh HowFast SeeHow

Other Electronic Projects

Lamp / Motor Control (Manual)

Thermostat - Electronic

Thermostat - Day / Night

Voltage Regulators - Constant Voltage Voltage Regulators - Variable Voltage Heatsink Calculations
Bell Cycle Light conversion to LED

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