Hobbico Super Star 40

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I converted the undercarriage to allow change between tricycle and tail drag modes in around 5 minutes. Both photographs show the tail drag configuration.

Using the wing from my deceased Mirage 550, I built a cradle to sit under the fuselage behind the main undercarriage legs. I added a dowel behind the trailing edge and the wing was held in place using this dowel and the main undercarriage legs. It flew extremely well with only one problem - the lower wing has a tendency to shift when ailerons were applied causing it to hit the upper wing. I cured this by making some struts near the tips of the lower wing. I have sketched the modifications made to my Super Star 40 and they are available in my Model Plans & Designs page.

It was for the most part fitted with an MDS 40 motor and shown in the colour photograph with a 3 bladed 9 x 7 propeller. Was also fitted for a time with an HP61 Gold Cup motor and a 3 bladed 11 x 7 propeller.

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