Walkera HM4G6S micro helicopter

1 Jan 12 - Model information added

Walkera HM4G6S Micro Helicopter - 3/4 view Walkera HM4G6S Micro Helicopter - side view Walkera HM4G6S Micro Helicopter - front view

N of launches / Time 6

0 hours 40 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 12.0 in. 302 mm
Tail 3.0 in. 76 mm
Weight 2.8 oz 80 g
Motor Walkera WK-WS-12-003 Brushless Motor (pre-installed)
Main gearbox Motor to main rotor is 13.3:1 (160T:12T)
Tail gearbox Geared 1:3.5 to the main rotor
Speed Controller Walkera WK-WST-10A-L - 10A - 1S LiPo - BEC (pre-installed)
Battery Pack 1s1p LiPo 600mAh (supplied)
Receiver Walkera RX-2610S 2-in-1 module: 4ch - 2.4GHz - RX & 3-axis Gyro (pre-installed)
Servos CCPM 3 x Walkera WK-02-1 -  3.2g - 0.12s/60
Tail Walkera WK-03-2 -  3.5g - 0.12s/60
Gyro 3-axis, part of the RX module
Flight performance Much more responsive than the HM4#6 due to the collective pitch head and significantly reduced coning angle due to the main blades being more rigid.  My skill doesn't allow aerobatics but Walkera claim "perfect 3D maneuvers such as rolls, inverted, and swoop flights"

1 Jan 12 - I've had this model for sometime but never got around to adding it until now.  This is the same chassis and tail rotor mechanics as the HM4#6 helicopter but fitted with a collective pitch head and 3-axis gyro controller.  The HM4G6S is currently out of action due to either a motor or controller failure; need to diagnose which.  If have tried to work out the logic of the Walkera model numbering system, but it makes no sense to me.

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