Walkera 4B100 micro helicopter

1 Jan 12 - Model information added

Walkera 4B100 Micro Helicopter - 3/4 view Walkera 4B100 Micro Helicopter - side view Walkera 4B100 Micro Helicopter - front view

N of launches / Time 10

0 hours 48 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 7.95 in. 202 mm
Tail 1.89 in. 48 mm
Weight 2.3 oz 66 g
Motors Main Walkera WK-WS-12-003 Brushless Motor (Pre-installed)
Tail Walkera WK-WS-10-002 Brushless Motor (Pre-installed)
Speed Controllers Main Walkera WK-WST-10A-L2 - 10A - 1S LiPo - BEC (Pre-installed)
Tail Walkera WK-WST-10A-LT - 10A - 1S LiPo - Tail Controller (Pre-installed)
Battery Pack 1s1p LiPo 500mAh (supplied)
Receiver Walkera RX-2406B 4-in-1 module: 4ch, 2.4GHz  RX, Gyro, ESC and Mixers
Servos 2 x Walkera WK-02-1 -  3.18g - 0.12s/60
Gyro Part of the 4-in-1 function module
Flight performance With the flybar mounted at 90 to the main blades it is noticeably less stable than the Walkera CB100, but it's still fairly easy.

1 Jan 12 - I've had this model for sometime but never got around to adding it until now.  Like the CB100 that uses the same 4-in-1 module, on first throttling up the tail rotor doesn't start and the helicopter will pirouette.  If you shut the throttle and re-advance it the tail rotor starts every time; must be some sort of glitch in the 4-in-1 module

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