Walkera CB100 micro helicopter

1 Jan 12 - Model information added

Walkera CB100 Micro Helicopter - 3/4 view Walkera CB100 Micro Helicopter - side view Walkera CB100 Micro Helicopter - front view

N of launches / Time 11

1 hours 17 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 7.95 in. 202 mm
Tail 1.89 in. 48 mm
Weight 2.3 oz 66.0 g
Motors Main Walkera WK-WS-12-003 Brushless Motor (Pre-installed)
Tail Walkera WK-WS-10-002 Brushless Motor (Pre-installed)
Speed Controllers Main Walkera WK-WST-10A-L2 - 10A - 1S LiPo - BEC (Pre-installed)
Tail Walkera WK-WST-10A-LT - 10A - 1S LiPo - Tail Controller (Pre-installed)
Battery Pack 1s1p LiPo 500mAh (supplied)
Receiver Walkera RX-2406B 4-in-1 module: 4ch, 2.4GHz  RX, Gyro, ESC and Mixers
Servos 2 x Walkera WK-03-2 -  3.5g - 0.12s/60
Gyro Part of the 4-in-1 function module
Flight performance With the flybar mounted at 45 to the main blades this is a reasonably stable helicopter, but still responsive.  I think this represents a step up from the Blade mSR as it makes you fly the helicopter more.

1 Jan 12 - I've had this model for sometime but never got around to adding it until now.  On first throttling up the tail rotor doesn't start and the helicopter will pirouette.  If you shut the throttle and re-advance it the tail rotor starts every time; must be some sort of glitch in the 4-in-1 module

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