Pusher Thrust Bearing Design

update.gif (1811 bytes) 4 Nov 98

The design described here was created for my EXP-1R pusher after I melted the backplate of a Speed 600 motor. It is an extremely simple system to produce, requiring no specialist equipment and it can be fitted to a motor or gearbox.

You only require 2 additional items to fit this thrust bearing. The first is a ball race with an inside diameter that is a good fit over the output shaft, and that the outside diameter would sit on the front of the bearing housing of the motor or gearbox. The bearings I have been using are 3/8" outside diameter, 1/8" inside diameter and 5/32" thick. You also need a washer that is a good fit over the shaft and has a smaller outside diameter than the inside of the ball race outer track.

Slide the bearing over the shaft and check that with the ball race pushed against the housing the inner race rotates freely. If it doesn't you may need fit a fixed spacer, like a washer with big hole, to give the clearance. However, I have had no problems so far with the bearing I have found. Slide the washer on and fit the prop adapter so it presses against the washer.

The end load is then taken by ball race pushing against the housing and not the original bearings.

Pusher thrust bearing sketch

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