PowerHow by Jan Bassett

update.gif (1811 bytes) 7 Sep 07 - New gadget made

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There was no free receiver connection on the Easy-Jet so I needed a 'Y' lead or a separate supply to run the HowFast logger.  The HowFast and HowHigh require a supply between 3.2V and 12V and they draw a mean current of 1.3 mA with a peak of 6mA when the LED flashes.

I therefore decided to recycle the single LiPo cell from my old micro-copter (a PicooZ copy) into this role.  This cell has a capacity of 170 mAh so will power the units for over 100 hours.

I crimped a couple of servo pin terminals onto the battery leads and fitted them in a housing.  The connector was stuck to the battery with double-sided tape and the whole thing was then put in a heatshrink sleeve to protect it. The resulting pack is 22 mm x 14 mm x 10 mm (0.86" x 0.55" x 0.39") and weighs 2.8g (0.1 oz.).

The weight of the pack is about the same as a typical 'Y' lead so there no penalty for using the pack if there is no spare receiver pack or it is impractical to get to the receiver.

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