Sea Wolf Submarine by Robbe

new.gif (1957 bytes)  14 May 00 - Updated with construction progress.

sea-wolf-01-t.jpg (3031 bytes)  <-- picture from the end of the kit box. sea-wolf-02-t.jpg (3939 bytes) <-- Pictures of construction.

Number of launches 0  
Total Time 0 mins  
Overall Length 35.4 " 0.90 m
Beam 3.9 " 0.10 m
Weight ~ 9 lb. oz ~ 4.1 kg
Motor Robbe EF76 II
Propeller 50mm - 3 bladed (supplied with kit)
Batteries Special 6v Sealed Lead Acid battery pack
Speed Controller RCLine BS-30 - 6 to 12 cells, 100A continuous, bi-directional, BEC and optional water cooing
Receiver Hitec HFS-04MI - PPM - 5 channel - 40 MHz
Servos Rudder - JR NES-517
Dive Planes - JR NES-517
Performance Not yet finished

26 Apr 00 - I was looking for something a little different and this is dynamic diving submarine really took my fancy. I'll add more details as I get to construction.

14 May 00 - I have started construction and it progressing well. I have completed the main buoyancy chamber and installed all the radio gear and drive mechanism. I have just started cutting the flooding / drainage holes in the lower aft fairing - I have added a video capture of the construction to date.

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