Mallard 1m yacht

{short description of image} 14 May 99 - Sailing photographs added.

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Number of launches / Time 15

6 hours 11 mins

Overall Length 39.0 " 0.99 m
Overall Height (keel to mast head) 89.6 " 2.28 m
Draught 18.5 " 0.47 m
All Up Weight 9 lb. 0˝ oz. 4.10 kg
Keel Weight 5 lb. 7˝ oz. 2.48 kg
Sails Areas Main Top Rig 570 in˛ 36.8 dm˛
Working Rig ? ?
Storm Rig ? ?
Jib Top Rig 330 in˛ 21.3 dm˛
Working Rig ? ?
Storm Rig ? ?
Receiver Hitec HFS-04MI Micro - 4/5 channel - PPM - 40 MHz
Servos Rudder - Hitec HS-300
Sail - Hitec HS-715BB Sail Arm

I have decided to take up sailing 1m yachts. I have purchased one of the Tony Abel Mallard 1m yacht kits and I have everything I need to complete the model. The final weight in sailing condition with the top rig mast & sails is 9 lb. (or  4.1kg).

23 Mar 99 - I took the yacht down to Sutton Bingham Reservoir for the maiden outing. I sailed it out to the middle of the water on a couple of tacks and then back to the landing for a check. I discovered that a sizeable amount of water had been taken aboard and decided to call it a day - rather than sink.

On returning home I filled my dustbin full of water and rested the yacht on top in an attempt to locate the leak. I found that a hole existed in the joint between the hull and keel pocket which was letting in water. I have now injected some more epoxy resin to seal the gap and hope that this cures the leak. I will fill the dustbin again and check for leaks prior to going down the reservoir again. I have completed the repair and it passed the leak test. However, Whilst it was sitting on the dustbin I noticed that the foredeck had debonded from the hull. On further investigation I found that the deck / hull joint was very weak and considered it totally unsatisfactory. I put this down to the 2 resins I had been using not being compatible. The only way to complete the repair properly was to remove the deck, remove one of the resins from the area and rebond the deck to the hull. This unfortunately means removing all the deck fittings, rigging and RC gear. I have now removed the deck and equipment and have decided the best course of action is to fit a new deck using a single resin. On checking I decided that the polyester resin I had used had gone off and will be disposing of it. I have cleaned and rebonded to deck back to the hull using new resin. I have also refitted most of the deck fittings and hope to have the yacht ready for the Thursday afternoon sailing

1 Apr 99 - Well I managed to get down there and despite the wind being a bit strong to start with (for my top rig sails) it went really well. The deck remained attached and the yacht didn't take on an egg cup full of water in 50 minutes sailing. I will have to buy the working and storm rig sails to allow sailing more often.

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