Balloon Craft 2000

31 Mar 00 - New page added.

Balloncraft RC2000 blimp
N of launches / Time 5 1 hours 00 mins  
Diameter 54.8 " 1.39 m    
Batteries Transmitter 1 x 9v, Balloon 1 x AAA cell
Motors 2 mixed for forward / reverse and turning, 1 for lift.
Flight performance I am a little disappointed in the performance. In still air it flies around very well, but as soon as a gust hits the balloon you can't control it. Even the average sports hall has sufficient gusts to make control very difficult.

31 Mar 01 - I managed to buy some Helium yesterday and inflate a balloon. This allowed me to take the balloon with me to an indoor event last night. The balloon floated well, but was almost impossible to control due to the drafts and thermals in the hall.

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