AR Drone Quadracopter by Parrot

29 Dec 11

Parrot AR Drone with Indoor Hull Parrot AR Drone with Outdoor Hull

N of launches / Time Not logged  
Rotor Diameters Main 14.2 in. 360 mm
Tail 3.95 in. 101 mm
Weight Indoor Hull 15.5 oz. 440 g
Outdoor hull 14.1 oz 400 g
Motor 4 x 12mm x 30mm brushless motors
Main gearbox 4 x 8T Motor to 72T Rotor  - 9:1
Tail gearbox N/A - yaw controlled by differential motor speed control
Speed Controller 4 x integral controllers
Battery Pack 3s 10C 1000mAh LiPo supplied (standard 3S 20C 1000mAh LiPo packs also used)
Receiver Integral WiFi controller
Servos None
Gyro Integral
Flight performance Extremely responsive when the bank deflection limits are set to large angles, but totally docile when limited to small angles of bank

29 Dec 11 - Parrot have now developed an Android application allowing many more people to operate one.  There are also numerous third-party applications for Apple and Android devices with some allowing the video stream(s) to be recorded.  I have upgraded the original brass bushes on the rotor shafts to ball races as I got the bearings at a stunningly low price and every bit helps.  I have also replaced the original battery connectors with 3.5mm gold connectors for reduced resistance and to allow the use of standard (cheap) batteries of a higher specification.

13 Jul 11  I just bought this unusual model.  I say unusual as it was designed to be controlled by an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.  It features 2 cameras, one forward looking and the other vertically down and had ultrasonic height hold.  If you take your hands off the controls it will come to a stop and maintain position to pretty good accuracy.

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