Extra 300L by VMAR Manufacturing

new.gif (1957 bytes) 30 Mar 03 - Model scrapped.

Extra 300L - Front View Extra 300L - Front Quarter View

Wingspan 60 in. 1.65 m    
Wing Area 519 sq. in. 28.8 dm²    
Flying Weight 6 lb. 13½ oz. 3.11 kg    
Wing Loading 30.4 oz / sq. ft 92.7 g/dm²    
Wing Cube Loading 16 - Racer - way too high!!!  
Motor MDS 48 Pro with OS 40/46 muffler (3db quieter than MDS muffler)
Propeller APC 11" x 7"
Receiver Futaba FP-R105M - modified to 7ch - 35MHz
Receiver Battery 4 cell 1200mAh NiCd
Servos Ailerons - 2 x Hitec HS-81
Elevator - Hitec HS-300BB
Rudder - Hitec HS-300
Throttle - Futaba FP-S128
Flight performance One word - ABYSMAL - The model would fly OK under power but fly well after the motor quit. It would also tip stall without warning, which is a sure sign of bad design and/or construction.

30 Mar 03 - I decided that I really didn't like this model and wouldn't be prepared to sell it to anyone else, so I scrapped it this afternoon. This is without doubt the worst aircraft I have ever had and makes it very unlikely I'll buy a Vmar product again.

18 Jul 00 - I managed to fit in the 1st flight today. I was having a number of problems with the motor and several short flights were made. I had to reduce the elevator throw due to the tailplane stalling at full deflections. It also tip stalled at low speed or when pulling too much G. I will be trying alternative propellers starting with an 11" x 6".

10 Jul 00 - I built the model today (from start to finish). I would have finished by lunch-time if not for the several snags I encountered. The was more glue on the hinge joint and pins than holding them in the surface, and this took some time to remove without damaging the model. A couple of screws were missing, which took a while to find in my storage system. The fuel tank was supplied with one pipe too short and no silicon tubing to attach the clunk weight. The instructions are abysmal and make absolutely no mention of fitting the cowl. The instructions quote a weight of 4¾ to 5¾ lbs., but my airframe must have weighed more than the lower figure before fitting anything. Despite these failings, it is quite a nice looking model, we'll see how it flies soon.

4 Jul 00 - After the Extra Slim crashed, I was looking for another model to complete by BMFA 'B' certificate with. At the Woodspring Wings show last weekend I decided that I'd like something scale-like, but ARTF as I don't want to spend ages building this model at present (to many other electric projects). I decided on the 60" Extra 300L made by VMAR Manufacturing as it looked quite a good kit & had a nice appearance.

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