A-36 Bonanza - by Flitecraft

8 May 00 - Scrapped.

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Number of launches 14
Total Time 1 hour 43 mins
Wingspan 61 in. 1.55 m
Wing Area 570 sq. in. 36.9 dmē
Flying Weight 6 lb. 4 oz 2.9 kg
Wing Loading 25.4 oz / sq. ft 77.5 g/dmē
Motor MDS 48 Pro with OS 40-46SF, FX Series muffler
Propeller Kyosho 11 x 8
Batteries 600mAh for RX
Receiver Hitec HFS-04MI Micro - 4/5 channel - PPM - 35 MHz
Servos Elevator - Hitec HS-300BB
Rudder - Hitec HS-300BB
Aileron - Hitec HS-300BB
Throttle - Hitec HS-300
Static Performance  Not yet tested.
Flight performance Great vertical performance, I estimate that the thrust to weight ratio is about 0.8:1. Roll rate approx. 270° / second. Maximum loop radius in excess of 100' upright and inverted. Needs very little down elevator to maintain height inverted. Spins like a top although a little hesitant on the exit. Flick roll spin entries are great.

I have now completed the assembly & await suitable weather to fly the model. Read the assembly & flight review of this model.

I have been having problems with the MDS48 Pro motor cutting out periodically for no good reason. I suffered a power failure at about 6 ft just after rotation from take-off. Unfortunately I was climbing too steeply and the model hit the tarmac very hard. This snapped the tailplane, stretched the wing covering and cracked the foam core of the wing. I have already built a replace tailplane from balsa strip (weighs the same as the original but twice as strong). Once I sort my workshop out I'll repair the wing. The engine problem has turned out to be the carburettor leaning the mixtures too much during rotation. I have purchase an MVVS carburettor and fitted this instead. With the original carburettor it was impossible to run the motor without the tank pressurisation, with the MVVS carburettor it only needs the needle out about ž turn more than normal.

I have managed to complete the repairs. My biggest concern was that the wing covering had stretched and that the foam core of the wing could be cracked. Having cut some inspection slots the foam is intact, and tape was applied over the damaged covering.

I managed to fly the model again, only to break the tailfin loose. This has happened before & I considered replacing it when I replaced the tailplane. I will now make a balsa replacement for the tailfin as made for the tailplane. This should only take an hour or so & I hope to get the model repaired for flying within the week.

8 Apr 00 - I have had enough of repairing this model and decided to scrap it, to allow the gear to be used in something better.

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