Twister SkyLift

29 Mar 08 - New model added.

Twister SkyLift Twister SkyLift Twister SkyLift

N of launches / Time 6

3 mins

Rotor Diameter 4 x 13.4 in. 2-blade 4 x 34.0 cm 2-blade
Weight 1 lb. oz 465 g
Motor 4 x pre-installed brushed motors
Speed Controller 4 x pre-installed controllers
Battery Pack 3s1p Lithium Polymer 800mAh
Receiver Pre-installed 6ch - PPM - 35MHz
Servos Collective - N/A
Pitch - 6 g pre-installed
Roll - 6 g pre-installed
Tail rotor - N/A
Gyro Built-in to multi-function control board
Flight performance There is plenty of power in reserve and the model responds well.  Need to fly with more room to really assess the model

29 Mar 08 - I fancied something a little different and this model caught my eye.  Hopefully it has sufficient grunt to fly with the FlyCamOne camera fitted.

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