Fire Strike Pro 4-rotor by Revell
a semi-scale Boeing CH-46F Sea Knight

29 Oct 08 - New model added.

Twister SkyLift Twister SkyLift Twister SkyLift Twister SkyLift

N of launches / Time Not tracked  
Rotor Diameter 4 x 6.3 in. 4 x 160 mm
Weight 1.2 oz 34.2 g
Motor 4 x pre-installed brushed motors
Speed Controller 4 x pre-installed controllers
Battery Pack 1s1p pre-installed Lithium Polymer ~80mAh
Receiver Pre-installed Infra-Red with matching Transmitter supplied
Servos None
Gyro Built-in multi-function control board
Flight performance There is plenty of power in reserve and the model responds well.

29 Oct 08 - This is a superb model that looks great (very scale apart from the rotor heads) and flies well too.  It has 3 channels mixed to effectively give collective pitch by rotor speed control, cyclic pitch (fore-aft speed difference) and yaw control (clockwise-anti-clockwise speed difference).  The lower blades are fixed position.  The upper blades are on a teeter mount and controlled by the fly-bar to give very good stability.  It is quite manoeuvrable but the lack of cyclic roll control is limiting.  Great fun at the office or in your living room.  It could be flown outdoors but it won't cope with any appreciable wind.

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