Blade mSR X  by E-Flite

31 Dec 11 - New model bought

Blade mSR X - 3/4 view Blade mSR X - side view Blade mSR X - front view

N of launches / Time 7

0 hours 19 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 7.1 in. 181 mm
Tail 1.5 in. 37 mm
Weight 1.1 oz 31 g
Motors Main Pre-installed Coreless Motor
Tail Pre-installed Micro Coreless Motor
Speed Controller Pre-installed controllers for main & tail rotor
Battery Pack 1s1p LiPo 150mAh
Receiver Pre-installed 2.4 GHz on the 5-in-1 function module
Servos 2 linear, fitted to the 5-in-1 function module
Gyro Part of the 5-in-1 function module
Flight performance Not yet flown

31 Dec 11 - Whilst waiting to be served in my local model shop I had a wander round and spotted a very small box containing this new flybarless micro helicopter.  Rather than supply a large box containing foam packaging to hold the helicopter, charger and LiPos this BNF (Bind 'n' Fly) Basic is supplied in a small cardboard box with 2 moulded shells holding the helicopter with instructions and spares tucked underneath.

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