Blade mSR by E-Flite

2 Jun 11 - Lighting fitted.

Blade mSR Blade mSR Blade mSR Blade mSR with MIA Hughes MD-500E bodyshell Blade mSR with MIA Hughes MD-500E bodyshell Blade mSR with MIA Hughes MD-500E bodyshell Balde mSR Lighting video


MIA Hughes MD-500E body

N of launches / Time 37

3 hours 06 mins


0 hours 48 mins

Rotor Diameters Main 7.0 in. 180 mm <= Common to all versions
Tail 1.4 in. 36 mm
Weight 0.96 oz 27.2 g 1.13 oz. 32.01 g
Motors Main Pre-installed Coreless Motor
Tail Pre-installed Micro Coreless Motor
Speed Controller Pre-installed controllers for main & tail rotor
Battery Pack 1s1p LiPo 120mAh (2 supplied)
Receiver Pre-installed 2.4 GHz on the 5-in-1 function module
Servos 2 linear, fitted to the 5-in-1 function module
Gyro Part of the 5-in-1 function module
Flight performance There is plenty of power in reserve and the model responds well.  Flights of 6 minutes are possible with the 120 mAh battery or up to 9 minutes using a 150 mAh battery Still plenty of power in reserve but flight time is reduced to just over 3 minutes on the 120 mAh batteries.

2 Jun 11 - The tail motor has been struggling of late to counter the additional torque required with the Hughes MD-500E body shell fitted.  I decided to take the body shell off and fit some navigation lights that I had laying around.

7 Mar 10 - I decided I wanted a scale body shell and hunted around to find some; not many out there at this size (at this time).  I found a few made by MIA Designs and ordered the Hughes MD-500E body as it is a very nice looking helicopter.  The body does add a significant amount of weight, but I think it's worth it for the appearance.  The fitting of the body shell is pretty easy and is totally reversible; the model can be returned to stock in very little time if desired.  I was going to fit navigation lights to the model, but the additional 1g weight is undesirable so I'll use them somewhere else.

23 Sep 09 - I wanted a small helicopter and was tempted by the Blade mCX, but then saw this model which is much more capable.  I bought the Bind-N-Fly (BNF) version as I have a 2.4 GHz Spektrum module in my TX.  It is very responsive and is pretty stable for a micro-heli.  In comparision the Blade mCX is much more stable, but so muhc so that getting it to move is not easy.  The Blade mSR is a much better choice in my opinion, whether you buy the Ready-to-Fly or BNF version.  Both versions come with a 4-port battery charger and AC adapter but can also be run from batteries when out and about; no excuse now that your waiting for a battery to charge.

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