Virage by Phoenix Model Products

9 Jan 01 - New page added.

Photograph taken from catalogue
N of launches / Time 0 0 mins


Wingspan 98" 2.49 m    
Wing Area 736 in 47.5 dm    
Flying Weight est. 3 lb. 10 oz est. 1.65 kg    
Wing Loading 11.37 oz/ft 34.7 g/dm    
Wing Cube Loading 5 - Between Glider and Trainer groups  
Receiver To be determined
Batteries To be determined
Servos Ailerons - 2 x to be determined
Flaperons - 2 x to be determined
Elevator - to be determined
Rudder - to be determined
Flight performance Not yet flown

9 Jan 01 - To quote the catalogue, "The Virage was designed as a multi-task / systems trainer for open thermal soaring. multi-task and scale flying plus of course general sports flying. In its original form the Virage is not stressed for ballasted F3B type competition flying. However, with epoxy glass skinning and substituting the 8 swg wing joiner rods supplied with the kit for 6 SWG the model can easily be up-rated for much higher stressed operations with only a small increase in the modest wing loading (typically 11 oz/ft. if film covered) still leaving plenty of scope for ballasting if desired". For maximum performance, it is intended to be operated using a computerised 6 channel radio control system. This allows mixing of Aileron & Flaps (Flaperon & Crow Braking), Rudder & Elevator (for V tail model), Flap & Elevator (to compensate for pitch change when using flaperons) and exponential throw on ailerons and elevator to harmonise control response.

I intend to build the conventional tail version. I also intend, in time, to build a second fuselage with electric power installed. This will give more flexibility for flying in the evenings when it isn't worth getting the bungee out.

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