Middle Phase by Chris Foss

27 Nov 07 - Model repaired.

Middle Phase

N of launches / Time 23 4 hour 28 mins Note: Not all flights recorded
Wingspan 61.3" 1.55 m    
Wing Area 446 in 28.8 dm    
Flying Weight 2 lb. 7 oz 1.10 kg    
Wing Loading 12.6 oz/ft 38.2 g/dm    
Wing Cube Loading 7.2 - Trainer (OK for slope soarer)  
Receiver Fleet Mini - 4 channel - PPM - 35MHz
Batteries 950mAh - 4 cells - NiCd
Servos Elevator - Hitec HS-101MG
Rudder - Hitec HS-101MG
Ailerons - 2 x Hitec HS-101MG
Flight performance Loops can be really large due to the reasonably clean lines and higher wing loading. Rolls are fairly axial. Roll rate is only about 90/s.

27 Dec 07 - Test flown after completing the repairs listed below.

24 Nov 07 - Whilst flying today my hand slipped on the fuselage (slippy gloves) and switched the RC gear off as it left my hand.  The model flew out perfectly with a very slight left turn and hit the slope about 200m away 100m down.  This ripped the wing off the fuselage as expected - the mounting plates are designed to break free.  It also ripped the wing servos out of the fuselage which was not expected, but I wanted to change the arrangement anyway.  I'll now relocated the servos onto the wing so that the linkages do not have to be made every time I want to fly.

3 May 99 - I decided to convert the model to have a bolt on wing instead of using bands as previously. I added a couple of 3mm plywood plates under the wing saddle and drilled holes through the wing & saddle. The wing around the forward hole is white foam with no stiffening, so the foam was locally removed and a mixture of epoxy & micro-balloons was inserted as a hard point. As part of the modification I had to move the aileron servo as it was in the way of the new wing mounting plates. I decided that the best option was to use 2 micro servos driving the ailerons independently. I have programmed mixes into my transmitter to allow for cruise & thermal flap settings and mixing flap with elevator for aerobatics. I will have to refine the settings when I fly the model. As I am using a 4 channel RX, and the second aileron is normally on channel 6, I have had to input some unusual mixes but they seem to work fine. I also replaced the previous RX battery with a higher capacity and had to increase the weight of the lead ballast in the nose. The increase in all up weight was 2 oz (70g)

Original Text - This is a standard Chris Foss Middle Phase 2 with the aileron wing. The wings are retained by rubber bands and I modified it to have a bolt on removable tailplane for ease of transportation. The fuselage & tailplane were given to me along with a basic (no ailerons) wing and all were covered in Nylon. I sold the basic wings and bought the advanced (aileron) wing, this I covered in SolarTex as I had some of a similar colour already. I have fitted a hook to the underside for bungee launching.

I have now done a number of bungee launches of this glider. Whilst it launches OK, I think that the model is perhaps a little heavy for my bungee. I think that I will restrict the flying of this model to the slopes.

Due to pilot error I had to land the model inverted. This was due to attempting aerobatics at too little height leaving insufficient height to roll the model upright again. The only damage was that the rudder control horn was snapped and the rudder was ripped off it's hinges. The total repair time was about 10 minutes.

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