Starling HLG (Hand Launch Glider) by Neil Collins

26 Jun 99 - Oops, forgot this one

Starling rip.gif (5402 bytes)

Built in 1988, from RC Model World free plan. I later built a second fuselage powered by a Speed 400 direct drive motor. This model was great as a glider, but not so good as an electro-soarer. If only I knew then what I know now - it only needed a gearbox to work well. The numerous knocks on landing took their toll on the fuselage and eventually I had to stop flying it. I still have the wing and will be experimenting with the SlowMoWatt fuselage for outdoor flight.

It was only when I came across the wing the other day that I realised I'd forgotten about it. I couldn't find any photographs of my model - this drawing is from the plan.

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