28 Dec 11 - Model recycled.

Wingspan 33.5" 85 cm    
Wing Area 234 inē 15.1 dmē    
Flying Weight 5.0 oz. 142 g    
Wing Loading 3.1 oz/ftē 9.4 g/dmē    
Wing Cube Loading 2.4 - Glider  
Receiver Corona RP4S1 - 4ch - PPM - 35MHz - 4g - Synthesised
Batteries 4 x 150 mAh 1/3 AAA NiMH cells
Servos Elevator - BDU B3G - 37
Ailerons - 2 x BDU B3G - 37
Flight performance Uninspiring, the flat plate wing gives unusual performance during the hand launch making consistent height difficult and transition to gliding flight unpredictable

28 Dec 11 - This model never performed very well and has suffered a little damage due to the fragile nature of Depron.  That, lack of space, and the purchase of a Dream-Flight Alula made me decided to recycle it and have striped the useful parts from it.

19 Jan 08 - This model was built by a friend as a copy of a well known lightweight glider, but with a 6 mm thick flat plate Depron wing.  The wing was a bit flexible so I added a thin carbon strip into a slot in the underside of the wing for a little reinforcement.  I also did a few modifications to the control linkages and tail fin mount.

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