19 Jun 08 - Flown for first time.

N of launches / Time 3 47 mins  
Wingspan 47.3" 120 cm    
Wing Area 242 in 15.6 dm    
Flying Weight 13 oz. 375 g    
Wing Loading 7.9 oz/ft 24.0 g/dm    
Wing Cube Loading 6.1 - Trainer  
Receiver E_Sky - 6ch - PPM - 35MHz
Batteries 4 x 900 mAh AAA New Technology NiMH cells
Servos Elevator - Hitec HS-55
Ailerons - 2 x Hitec HS-55
Flight performance Only had a couple of flights and it lives up to it's name.

3 Feb 08 - I bought this model from Revolution Models as I liked the lines.  It is a fairly small model, with a tiny fuselage, but the equipment fitted without much effort.  The fuselage joins were extremely large giving great strength, but a lot of weight (relative) in the tail boom.  This meant that 50 g (1 oz.) of lead had to be added to the nose to get the CofG position where I wanted.  Speaking of which the instructions make no mention of the CofG position, in fact they have to be the worst instructions I have ever seen.

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