WildThing by SAS

10 Feb 08 - New model ready to fly.

N of launches / Time 0 0 mins
Wingspan 46" 117 cm
Wing Area 576 in 37.2 dm
Flying Weight 1 lb. 10⅞ oz. 762 g
Wing Loading 6.7 oz/ft 20.5 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 3.4 - Glider (light for a slope soarer)
Receiver Digifleet XP.FM - 4ch - PPM - 35MHz
Batteries 4 x 2000 mAh AA NiMH cells
Servos Elevons - Unknown
Flight performance Not yet flown

10 Feb 08 - I bought this model on eBay and picked it up this afternoon.  The servos were already fitted and it is impossible to see what they are.  I fitted a spare battery pack, synthesised RX and a battery monitor.  The tape holding the fin and the upper elevon hinge tape was a little UV damaged so I replaced it.  There was a little lead on the nose which I removed.  I friend dropped some coloured tape around so I added some yellow, blue and red to make it more colourful, which added a mere 7g to the overall weight.

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