Kirby Cadet

28 Dec 11 - Model set-up complete.

Kirby Cadet - 3/4 view Kirby Cadet - Side view

N of launches / Time 0 0 mins
Wingspan 72" 183 cm
Wing Area 452 in 29.2 dm
Flying Weight 2 lb. 11 oz. 1.24 kg
Wing Loading 13.9 oz/ft 42.5 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 7.9 - Heavy for a glider
Receiver OrangeRx R910 - 9Ch - 2.4Ghz - TwinPort (Spektrum DSM2 compatible) with 1 Satellite RX
Batteries 4-cell NiCd 400mAh 2/3AA pack
Servos Ailerons - Futaba S3001
Elevator - Hitec HS-81MG
Rudder - Hitec HS-81MG
Flight performance Not flown yet

28 Dec 11 - I bought this glider a while ago through eBay.  It was really nicely built, from a free plan, and really only needed a receiver and battery to get it flying; however, I didn't like the rigid main plane struts as it made transport tricky.  Due to other projects it sat at the back of my model room until recently when I finally got around to modifying the strut arrangement.  The struts can now fold back against the rear fuselage out of the way.  I also removed the standard size elevator servo and got the previously fixed rudder working; both using Hitec HS-81MG servos.  I'm going to see how the 400mAh pack does but may increase it to a larger size if needed.

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