de Havilland Mosquito

16 Jun 00 - Moved from the combined page to this separate page. WCL figure added.

N° of launches / Time 0 0 mins    
Wingspan 108.3 in. 2.75 m    
Wing Area 1729 sq. in. 111.5 dmē    
Flying Weight 32 lb. est. 11.33 kg est.    
Wing Loading ~ 33 oz / sq. ft ~ 100 g/dmē    
Wing Cube Loading ~ 12 (Scale)  
Motors Unknown*
Gearboxes Unknown*
Propellers 2, 3 or 4 bladed, diameter 24.4" - pitch to be decided*
Batteries Motor 2 packs of 20 to 30 Sanyo RC-1700 or RC-2000 cells.
Radio Minimum of 2 packs of 5 RC-1700 cells. Possible battery management system.
Receivers Unknown*
Servos / Speed Controllers

See table below

Static motor parameters  Power to be about 750W to each propeller
Flight performance To be representative of the performance of the original (twin engined fighter).

I will be using 2 independent control systems in the model. I will probably use 2 of the JR NER-649R, 9 channel PCM receivers. Whilst these are expensive they have very higher noise rejection and a built in fail-safe. The allocation of controls will, most probably, be as follows:

RX channel RX 1 RX 2 Servos and Comments
1 Left ESC Right ESC Type to be decided
2 Aileron Aileron 2 Hitec HS-605BB
3 Elevator Elevator 2 Hitec HS-545BB
4 Rudder Tailwheel steering Hitec HS-700BB and CSM ICG360 gyro  / Hitec HS-605BB
5 Undercarriage retract Landing lights Hitec HS-75BB
6 Inner Flaps Outer Flaps 2 Hitec HS-615MG / 2 Hitec HS-605BB
7 Bomb doors   This will use an automatic electrical jack operated by a relay.
8 Sound generator   To simulated cannon fire
9 Bomb/torpedo release ?    

The designing of this model will be progressing slowly as I will be moving house in the near future. I have decided, for the moment, to build a smaller 71" span (approx. 1/9th scale) model as a temporary measure.

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