Mini-IFO by Dan Kreigh

24 Jan 10 - Converted to brushless, LiPo and 2.4 GHz.

N of launches / Time 6

0 hr 26 mins

Wingspan 25.5 " 0.65 m
Wing Area 320 in 20.65 dm
Flying Weight 5.7 oz. 162 g 5.07 oz. 144 g
Wing Loading 2.6 oz / ft 7.8 g/dm 2.28 oz / ft 7.0 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 1.7 - ultra-light 1.5 - even lighter
Motor GWS IPS-DX-A Feigao 1230 brushless 4100Kv (1208436)
Gearbox GWS 5.85:1, integral with motor GWS IPS 'B' gearbox 7:1
Propeller GWS 9" x 4.7" or 10" x 4.7" (slow-fly) GWS 9" x 4.7"
Batteries 7 NiCd cells Sanyo 110AE, 7 NiCd cells 270mAh or 3 cells 780mAh Li-MnO2 3S1P 15C 350mAh Hexatronic LiPo
Speed Controller GWS ICS-50FP - 4 to 8 cells (NiCd) - 2A - BEC  OEM 6A - 2S (or 3S) LiPo - 6A - BEC
Receiver Jeti REX 5 plus - 5ch - sub-micro - 35MHz Spektrum AR500 - 5ch - 2.4GHz

Elevons - 2 x  Hitec HS-55

Static motor parameters GWS 9" x 4.7" on 7 Sanyo 110AE gives 3600 RPM @ 7.6V drawing 1.8A, estimated 38W/lb GWS 9" x 4.7" on 3S1P 15C 350mAh Hexatronic LiPo gives 4800 RPM @ 10.4V drawing 2.9A, estimated 95W/lb
Flight performance Lacking power Not yet flown

24 Jan 10 - I have eventually got around to dragging the Mini IFO out of the back of my work room and fitting a brushless motor, controller and 3S LiPo.  I decided to use 350mAh packs to keep the weight down, but with 500mAh packs the weight would only be 11g heavier, so still below the original weight.  I also fitted a 2.4 GHz receiver whilst I was at it.

9 Sep 02 - I have completed a few flights (all outdoors) with the Mini-IFO now and I'm still getting some interference problems. Once I've resolved these, I'll get a better idea of the flight performance of the model.

29 Dec 01 - I have just finished assembling this model, bought at the BEFA technical workshop on 11 Nov 01. I don't know how, but it is 1.7 oz. over the stated weight. The battery pack is 0.5 oz. heavier for twice the duration (but less power) and I stuck a 25mm wide strip of Sky Shine to the leading edge, but couldn't weight that it was so light (under 1g). The kits now have increased thickness carbon rods to stiffen the structure, which may account for it. Anyway, I now need to test fly it.

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