SlowMoWatt - by Modelair-Tech

{short description of image} 6 Aug 99 - Model badly damaged in transit & scrapped

SlowMoWatt SlowMoWatt

Number of launches 4  
Total Time 11 mins  
Wingspan 51 " 1.3 m
Wing Area 430 ¨ " 27.7 dm²
Flying Weight 11.1 to 12.8 oz 314 to 363 g
Wing Loading 3.7 to 4.3 oz/ft² 11.33 to 13.10 g/dm²
Motor Graupner Speed 280 6v
Gearbox Titanic Airlines 3:1
Propeller Günther 17.5cm x 16cm
Batteries 7 Sanyo 110mAh NiCd or 7 GP 600mAh NiMH
Speed Controller Gordon Tarling - Micro-Star 10 BEC - 6 to 10 cells - BEC
Receiver Hitec HFS-04MI Micro - 4/5 channel - 35 MHz
Servos Elevator - Union ultra-micro UM-9G
Rudder - Union ultra-micro UM-9G
Static motor parameters 4,000 rpm propeller @ 2.3A giving 17W (same for both packs)
Flight performance Climb is shallow and can't be maintained when turning. Tight turns decelerate the model very quickly. Estimated duration is 15 minutes for the 600mAh pack and 3 minutes for the 110mAh pack.

I started building late on Sunday 31 Jan 99 and completed late on Wednesday 10 Feb 99 - 11 days later. I have now completed construction of the model and built it with the flat bottom wing. It is covered with StarSpan tissue and lightly doped. A photograph of the completed model should appear above soon.

It's first outing should be to the BEFA indoor meeting at Leicester on Sunday 14 Feb 99, unless the weather is really kind before that.

Despite the above statement the first flight was completed on 12 Feb 99 down at the local club field. It was a dead calm evening with the temperature just above freezing. I tried to to Run off Ground (ROG), but failed as the grass was too long - in hindsight I think any grass would be too long. I hand launched the model, flew around for about 3 minutes and then landed. I inserted a piece of 3/16"¨ balsa to act as an incidence wedge (as detailed on the plan). I then relaunched and flew around for another 5 minutes or so before landing.

The model flies extremely well, but I prefer a model with ailerons. The climb is very sedate and can't be maintained during turns. The best way to maintain height seems to be flying extended race track or figure of 8 courses. The model will turn quite tight, but slows down very quickly in the turn.

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