Pico-Stick by GWS

10 Apr 07 - Wing snapped in flight.

N of launches / Time 11 1 hour 2 mins

E includes all configurations, but not all flights

Wingspan 38.1 " 0.97 m
Wing Area 237 in 15.3 dm
Flying Weight 7 oz 197 g* 10.6 oz 300 g
Wing Loading 4.2 oz / ft 12.9 g/dm 6.4 oz / ft 19.6 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 3.3 - Gliders (real featherweight) 5 - below Trainer
Motor GWS IPS-DX-A Feigao 12mm thin Brushless 4100 rpm/v
Gearbox GWS 5.85:1, integral with motor GWS 5.85:1
Propeller GWS 10" x 4.7" or GWS 9" x 4.7" (slow-fly) GWS 10" x 4.7" (slow-fly)
Batteries 7 NiCd cells Sanyo 110AE*, 7 NiCd cells 270mAh or 7 cells 1200mAh NiMH 3S FlightPower EVO20 1600mAh LiPo
Speed Controller GWS ICS-50FP - 4 to 8 cells - 2A - BEC  TowerPro - 2-3 LiPo - 10A - BEC
Receiver Jeti REX 4 - 4ch - sub-micro - 35MHz
Servos Elevator - Hitec HS-55 Elevator - Hitec HS-55
Rudder - Hitec HS-55 Rudder - Hitec HS-55
n/a Ailerons - Hitec HS-55
Static motor parameters  GWS 10" x 4.7" on 7 Sanyo 110AE gives 3200 RPM @ 7.5V drawing 2.3A, estimated 39W/lb.

GWS 9" x 4.7" on 7 Sanyo 110AE gives 3600 RPM @ 7.6V drawing 1.8A, estimated 31W/lb, or
7 x 270mAh gives 4000 RPM @ 8.6V drawing 2.0A, or
7 x 1200mAh NiMH gives 3900 RPM @ 8.3V drawing 1.9A.

GWS 10" x 4.7" on 3S FlightPower EVO20 1600mAh LiPo gives 4665 RPM @ 10.7V drawing 4.6A giving 50W estimated W/lb.
Flight Performance Flies well, although needs more dihedral to fly indoors (fishing line between tips). The wing control really didn't work too well probably because of excess dihedral.

10 Apr 07 - Flown today and the wing control really didn't work too well probably because of excess dihedral.  I also damaged to wing whilst manoeuvring and have decided that the model will be stripped of equipment and discarded.

4 Apr 07 - I decided to experiment and fit roll control to the Pico-Stick.   However, to be unusual, I decided that I would move the whole wing surface rather than fit ailerons.  A 3rd servo was fitted at the back of the wing, which pushes & pulls on the rear wing mounting sticks.  In this way the relative incidence of the 2 wings is altered and the model will roll.  The Pico-Stick also benefits from a Feigao 12mm thin brushless motor (4100 rpm/v ) in a GWS 5.85:1 gearbox with 3+S LiPo cells as the power pack.

27 Oct 01 - I have now flown the Pico-Stick both indoors and out. Indoors it needed a piece of fishing line between the wingtips to increase the dihedral to turn well in the small space available. Outdoors it flies well even with the extremely heavy 1200 NiMH pack. I flew with that today and a flight of over 25 minutes was made, with plenty of power remaining - I even landed & took off, the grass, again after 21 minutes. The best pack for performance is the Sanyo 110AE pack as it by far the lightest - the drawback being a flight time of approximately 4 minutes.

10 Sep 01 - I have just finished this model after only a few hours building. I tested the motor with the supplied GWS 10" x 4.7" propeller and thought the current was a little high. Especially since when using the 270mAh or 1200mAh cells, the current will go up a little due to the higher voltage under load. I therefore have fitted a GWS 9" x 4.7" propeller to bring the current down.


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