Contour by Step-Four

  28 Dec 00 - Bit the dust.

Contour Delta <- This is a
scan from
the box label
Contour Parts - Uncovered Contour Parts - Covered contour-04-t.jpg (2095 bytes) contour-05-t.jpg (2284 bytes)
Launches / Time 2 1.6 mins
Wingspan 19.7" 0.5 m
Wing Area 157 in² 10.1 dm²

7 Sanyo 500AR or 600AE cells.

Flying Weight 12.9 oz 367 g
Wing Loading 11.8 oz/ft² 36.3 g/dm²
Wing Cube Loading

11.3 - Between Aerobatic and Scale

Motor Robbe 400/35 (equivalent to Graupner Speed 400 6v)
Propeller Graupner 5" x 5" CAM with precision spinner or Günther 5" x 4.3"
Speed Controller Schulze slim-18be - 18/25A - 6 to 8 cells - BEC & Brake
Receiver Webra Nano S6 - 6 channel - 35 MHz
Servos Elevons - 2 x Union Micro UM-9G
Static motor parameters  Not yet tested
Flight performance Not yet flown

13 Feb 00 - This is very interesting kit - it comes in a very small box which is almost empty. However, the box contains all the parts for the airframe and the control rods. There is a complete materials which allows you to check everything is there. There is also a reduced size plan view of the completed model and a single A4 page of instructions (in German). The components are CNC cut to a very high standard and they all interlock to make completing the model look easy without instructions.

26 Aug 00 - I started construction of this kit yesterday and it is now ready for covering. The model is construction entirely from ply, which is CNC machined to shaped. The parts slot together really well and are bonded using cyanoacrylate. The total time spent constructing the model, so far, is about 2 hours.

27 Aug 00 - I finished the covering & hinging of the controls this evening. Just the last few bits of fitting out to do now. I took a couple of shots using my video camera of the model before and after covering. I decided to cover the structure before attaching the fin and skeg as it is much easier with them separate. The model is covered in Easycote, with the wing topside, hatch and skeg in gold and the underside and fin in red. By the looks of the initial weighing, of the covered airframe, the model should turn out about ½oz. (15g) lighter than the stated weight. I am initially going to fit a Graupner 5" x 5" CAM propeller because it will streamline the nose much better than the Günther propeller shown on the box.

28 Aug 00 - The model is now complete and is ½oz. (14g) below the estimated flying weight allowing for fitting 8 cells. A further reduction of 0.3oz. (9g) could be made by reverting to a Günther propeller instead of the heavy Graupner precision spinner and CAM propeller. This weight saving has reduced the wing loading by over ½oz / ¨ and the WCL figure by ½, which are very significant reductions. I don't have an 8 cell pack of 500ARs at the moment, nor do I have any loose cells. I will have to buy a pack (or cells) to try the model on 8 cells. I attempted to test fly the model this afternoon but it was not a success. The model climbed a little and then entered a spin hitting the deck propeller first. The only damage was a broken propeller and the motor being dislodged (only needs some cyanoacrylate to reaffix). I will have to check for a warp in the wing somehow, maybe two pieces of stiff wood attached to each wing tip.

28 Dec 00 - Flew away off the first launch today with no effort. It was a little unstable in pitch despite the CofG being slightly in front of the recommended position. I was just completing the first circuit and doing a first pass about 20' (6m) up, when it tucked under and hit the ground nose first. I will not be bothering to rebuilding it.

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