Cargo by Multiplex

  17 Aug 07 - Sold.

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N° of launches / Time 12 1 hour 10 mins  
Wingspan 63.0 " 1.60 m  
Wing Area 698 in² 45.0 dm²  
Flying Weight* 4 lb. 8½ oz 2.060 kg

*With no cargo loaded

Wing Loading 15.0 oz/ft² 45.8 g/dm²  
Wing Cube Loading 6.8 - Trainer  
Motor 4 x Mulitplex Permax 400 6V, wired in parallel
Gearbox 4 x Multiplex 2.27:1
Propeller 4 x Günther 175mm x 160mm (6.9" x 6.3")
Batteries 8 Sub-C  - normally Sanyo RC-2000, Sanyo N-1700-SCRC or Panasonic 2000
Speed Controller Gordon Tarling Micro-Star 40 - 6 to 30 cells, 40A
Receiver Micron Club - 7ch - PPM - 35MHz with 4 cell 600 mAh Rx pack
Servos Ailerons - 2 x Hitec HS-81MG
Elevator - Hitec HS-55
Rudder - Hitec HS-55
Cargo doors - JR NES-517
Static motor parameters  8 Panasonic 2000 cells gives 6900 RPM @ 8.0V, 34.6A total, estimated 61W/lb.
Flight performance Flies really well and has plenty of power with the 4 geared Speed 400 motors. Will ROG (run off ground) on grass with a fairly short take-off run. Climb at a comfortable speed is approx. 15°. I haven't tried any aerobatics as it isn't really designed for them, but I will explore some later

21 Jun 01 - I bought this model at the same time as the Twin-Jet (on 2 Jun 01). I have built this exactly as intended with the only variation being the fitting of different servos and speed control. I decided to fit the optional gearbox sets which allow ROG (run off ground) from short grass to save hand launching from my normal site. The first flight was fairly uneventful, but the elevator did need a lot of down trim initially. In the instructions it warns that some down elevator trim will be needed at full power, so I set-up a mix. Having adjusted the mix in flight, I found that it needed almost as much down trim at half throttle, reducing to nil with the motors off. On my JR set the mix values are 0 - 15 - 20 elevator at 0% - 50% - 100% throttle. I will be making some parachutist and parachute load pallets to drop on my next flights. 

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