PT11 by Flight Line Plans

1 Jun 10 - New model completed and given back to Westland & Yeovil District Aeromodellers.

Cessna 180 Cessna 180 Cessna 180

N of launches / Time Will not be tracked
Wingspan 11.0" 280 mm
Wing Area 30.0 □" 1.94 dm
Flying Weight 0.61 oz. 17.2g
Wing Loading 2.93 oz. / □' 8.9 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 6.4 - A 'Trainer'
Motor Parkzone Vapor brushed motor & gearbox
Propeller Parkzone Vapor propeller
Batteries 1S1P Li-Po 120mAh
Speed Controller Part of Parkzone Vapor receiver module
Receiver Parkzone Vapor receiver module
Servos Elevator - Built-in on Parkzone Vapor receiver module
Rudder - Built-in on Parkzone Vapor receiver module

1 Jun 10 - The model was given back to the Westland & Yeovil District Aeromodellers.

23 Jan 10 - This model was built from the remains of a Parkzone Vapor belonging to the Westland & Yeovil District Aeromodellers.  The airframe of the Vapor was quite knocked about and beyond repair so the club decided the gear should be used for something else. I reused the Vapor parts where practical and I think the result is pretty good.

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