P-40N Warhawk

5 May 14 - Model completed

P-40N Warhawk P-40N Warhawk P-40N Warhawk

N of launches / Time 2 0 hrs 12 mins
Wingspan 36.8 in 935 mm
Wing Area 663 in 17.4 dm
Flying Weight 9 lb 1 oz 4.1 kg
Wing Loading 31.5 oz / ft 96.3 g/dm
Wing Cube Loading 14.7 - Between 'Scale' & 'Racer' (low for a war bird)
Motor Pre-installed unknown
Propeller 3-blade approx 16.5" x 10"
Speed Controller Pre-installed unknown 60A
Motor Batteries Pre-installed unknown 10A UBEC
Receiver OrangeRx R910 - 9Ch - 2.4Ghz - TwinPort (Spektrum DSM2 compatible) with 2 satellite receivers
Servos Ailerons 2 x Pre-installed 17g
Elevator Hitec HS-5085MG digital metal gear 22g
Rudder/Tailwheel Pre-installed 17g
Flaps 2 x Pre-installed 17g
Undercarriage 2 x Servoless twist-turn retracts plus 2 x pre-installed 9g door servos with a programmable sequencer to control the leg and door timing
Static motor parameters 4190 RPM from 19.26V and drawing 40.8A (785W), which is 87W/lb.  The RPM is low but it is quite large 3-blade propeller so there's plenty of thrust
Flight performance Flies nicely, not excessively powerful but has a good presence in the air and isn't unrealistically fat. The relatively low wing loading gives a very low stall speed

5 May 14 - During the build of this model I replaced the elevator servo for a much more powerful version as I wasn't happy with the supplied servo for this critical control.

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