Cessna 180 by Carl Goldberg Models

12 Dec 09 - Brushless motor fitted.

Cessna 180 Cessna 180 Cessna 180

N° of launches / Time 0

0 hours 0 mins

Wingspan 20.5" 520 mm
Wing Area 51.3 □" 3.3 dmē
Flying Weight 1.61 oz. 45.6g
Wing Loading 4.52 oz. / □' 13.8 g/dmē
Wing Cube Loading 7.6 - A 'Trainer'
Motor AX 1304N 2100kv Brushless Micro Motor (7g)
Propeller GWS EP-5030 5" x 3"
Batteries 1S1P Li-Po 120mAh or 138mAh
Speed Controller XQ Control XP-5A 1S Brushless Speed Controller (PWM or PPM input)
Receiver Specktrum AR6400 - 6ch - 2.4GHz - 2A Brushed ESC & 2 linear servos (pre-installed)
Servos Elevator - Built-in on Spektrum AR6400
Rudder - Built-in on Spektrum AR6400
Static motor parameters  Not testable at present
Flight performance Not yet flown

12 Dec 09 - I decided to fit one of the micro brushless motors I have as the drive train will be more reliable and potentially more powerful.  The motor has a much shorter nose as it is intended that the propeller is banded on.  The motor is therefore mounted on a lite-ply bulkhead and protrudes through a hole in the nose as shown in the 4th photo above.

7 Dec 09 - Tonight was the first indoor session since building the Cessna.  Things didn't exactly go to plan as it was was almost impossible to keep the Cessna straight on the ground; a quick twist of the undercarriage soon cured that.  On the next attempt the drive disconnected; for some reason the motor moved sideways so the gears were missing each other.

20 Oct 09 - I fancied building an indoor model for the Westland & District Aermodellers indoor flying sessions.  I looked around the internet and found a PDF plan for this model (http://www.parmodels.com/Plans/jigtime.htm).  The plan was intended for printing direct on to 1/32" balsa but my current printers can't print on thick material (something must remedy).  A few minor tweaks were made to cope with using 1/16" balsa for durability and for conversion to Radio Control.  I haven't applied any markings to it as yet, but plan to decorate it once it was flown successfully.

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